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Travertine has a porous texture and a variety of colors and stripes, the variety of colors is due to the differences in the compounds that exist in the stone elements during deposition, and they show themselves in the form of different streaks. It is worth mentioning that because these veins have a chemical composition different from the background of the stone, they have less strength in the created stone and form the sensitive point of a stone that shows the least resistance against impact or pressure, and whatever stone has veins And if there are less impurities, it has higher strength.

Most travertine stones have low abrasion resistance, so they are easily processed, but they have good compressive strength (their compressive strength is higher than marble and lower than granite), but its high strength and porosity provide working conditions in saturated and high altitude environments. The maximum and minimum values of the physical requirements of travertine are available in the ASTM C1527 or 13247 national standards of Iran.

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